Treasures in the Attic or the garage

It is hard to believe but in June it will be one year since my Father in Law passed away. After Joe passed away my Mother in law had to move to a smaller house and a lot of their priced possessions had to be put in storage.

As the process of storing it in our garage took place, we started to realize that there were far more pieces of china that we could ever use, that there was jewelry that didn’t fit us and more artifacts and too many boxes to keep, and the idea of selling some of those pieces came to light.

It has been an amazing journey through family history, because I didn’t know my husband’s grandparents and going through the items they had in their house or the jewelry they wore has brought me closer to them. It has given me a picture of who they were and how they lived.

Every time I go into the garage to open a new box of items, I take a trip down other peoples lives, I learn about their taste and way of life.

Selling some of these wonderful antiques requires a lot of study and research, I am not an expert in Antiques so we need to study each item carefully to be able to describe it accurately and to determine a fair price for both parties.

The Process takes sometimes months, from the moment I open that box of treasures to the moment I am able to put a listing in Klassic.
First I take pictures, measure, write down any descriptions, marks, etc.
Using a magnifying glass I look for even the smallest markings and then I start the research, sometimes it takes lots of tries to find something similar, sometimes I find it right away.

Don’t ever disregard a run of the mill object that because you have seen it in your house for years looks run down or boring , with a little bit of cleaning that familiar, seemingly boring object can get a fresh look, with a little creativity and vision it can be repurposed, they can be displayed with other ‘vintage’ items to add character to a room, or if you just don’t have the room for it, let someone else discover it. Sell it to give the item a chance at a new life. Treat them with respect, don’t throw them away, give them instead a chance to shine again to get a new home, to tell a story, to show young people how things were made to last. How our ancestors use to live and what kind of things they cherish.

Vintage items have character, they have value sometimes more than we think!


  1. wow Marina! Sometimes objects are more eloquent when telling a lifetime-story!
    Thank you for sharing !!

  2. Thanks for visiting and for your comment Eslin!!! :)