A trip to the past........

Here are some pictures of Dinosaurs that I made years and years ago, when I jsut started, that I am thinking to make again!

In loving memory of a great man

My vintage store Klassic was started with the idea of selling a few things we had from the recent past that we thought could be enjoyed by others, but it really started to get stocked a year ago when my father in law passed away and we had to downsize their house and move my mother in law to a much smaller place.

Joe was an interesting person, not easy to understand but he certainly can give us a lesson on how to live life in your own terms.
You could say he made this quote his:
“There is only one success in life, to live your life in your own way” by Christopher Morley.

Joe lived his life his way, others might have not agreed or understood it, but he believed in himself and his beliefs. He was his own person.

I have said it before, as I go through items that belong to his parents and therefore were part of his home as a child, as I go through family jewelry and pictures I get closer to him. I know him a little bit better today than I did a year ago. I so wish it didn’t have to be this way.

This little note is a tribute to the man that he was, to the father who helped my amazing husband be the incredible person, husband and daddy that he is.
To the man that we miss and will forever love and may one day, understand his way.
To my son's grandpa with love.
May you be resting in peace, we love you and we will always remeber you and I wish I could be listening to one of your stories!

Vintage Bronze Buddha Head Statue

This is a bronze reproduction of a 4th century head statue of Buddha at Sarnath.
This Buddha can be identified for the elongated earlobes from wearing heavy earrings in his early life as a prince, his head has a protrusion on top that symbolizes his superior wisdom.
This wonderful statue is mounted on a black wooden museum like base.

It features beautifully knotted heair and a flaming pointed top knot.

Vintage Wooden Armoire Jewelry box with music box

I just listed this wonderful vintage Wooden Armoire in my store.

Vintage Wooden Armoire jewelry box with drawers and mirror with music.

This is a wonderful vintage wooden jewelry box with lots of spaces to keep your jewelry neatly organized.
It has 2 flower etched glass doors, and three drawers, two of which are small and one is the width of the armoire so you can place longer items.
Everything is cover with a light gray velvet.

It has a music box that plays strangers in the night.

The smaller door opens to reveal a compartment to organize your rings.

The big glass door opens to reveal a spinning hanger for your necklaces or dangling earrings and it has a mirror in the back.

Happy Father's day!!

I wish every Daddy a happy Father's day!
Specially to my wonderful husband, I could not have picked a better Daddy for my son, he is just the greatest daddy in the world.

Tomorrow he will get handmade gifts that our five year old and I made for him.

Happy Father's day!!

What I am working on for Klassic

Here are some of the items that I am working on to list in my vintage shop Klassic.

These are two fantastic pieces have been around for a long time, it takes time to acquire this much character, you can't replicate this kind of look.
They would certainly be a wonderful and unique decoration accent.

A collection of antique boxes, they can have so many new uses possibilities are endless for these timeless beauties

Two wonderful tea cups with lid....

As a sample of the jewelry I am working on, a beautiful bracelet

I hope you enjoy looking at these wonderful pieces of the past!

Super Heroes

Batman or as it was originally referred to The Bat Man has been around for 70 years! It first appeared in the DC Comics ( Detective Comics) in May of 1939.
We all know the story, little Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents as a child and he swore to stop crime in Gotham City. In order to fight crime Wayne hides his identity under a costume and every gadget he uses has a bat related name, The bat mobile, the bat cave, etc.
Batman is a detective, He is a philanthropist, he is a millionaire that uses his resources to come up with gadgets to overcome his lack of super powers.
Batman has changed his image with each generation, but he is still as strong as he was 70 years ago.

Superman on the other hand is not as the rest of us, he comes from a planet where people are sophisticated, energetic, highly intellingent, custodians of an advanced super scientific civilization.
Krypton is located in a distant galaxy and it is in this mighty planet that a little boy was born to scientist JOr-El and his wife Lara, his name? Kal-El.

There is something about superheros that little kids just love, maybe is the fact that they fight villains and they always win?

Now a days super heroes and villands are everywhere, they drop in little kids parties, forget about clowns, the thing today is to invite spiderman or Darth Vader to your party!

You can find them in balloons, candle holders, pinatas, plates, outfits and so much more.
I wonder how many of those items will stand the test of time, how many of those will still be around in 30 or 40 years.

How will they look in 30 years? They have changed so much from when I was little!