Happy New Year!!!

Preparing for a brand New Year!

I have been into Feng Shui for yerars and this what I will be doing to prepare for the New Year:

1. Clean my pantry and refrigerator, throw away all the stuff that is half used and then we will re-stock with new food.

2. Throw away or take down old Calendars and will hang up new calendars, isn’t that a great way to greet the New Year?

3. It is a great idea to fill your wallet, don’t start the New Year with an empty wallet!!

4. I will put a bowl with 9 oranges in my kitchen table for positive energy and prosperity

5. Empty all trashcans and take garbage out

6. Do the Laundry, it is not nice to start the new year with piles of dirty cloths!

7. Put a dish with nuts in the living room candies to symbolize an abundant home.

Front page for my turquoise treasury!

Thanks to the Etsy Administrators my own Treasury featuring Klassic made it to the Front Page!

Thanks to my good friend Chicalessia for another wonderful Front page! Chicalessia is so talented!!!

Cleaning up after Christmas.....organize, recycle ideas

It is the day after Christmas and there is so much to clean up!

I have to start by saying that I am not a cleaning freak, that most days you can find toys in every room of the house and that although I try to keep it organized it is a work in progress and never ending job. It may sound like I am really organized but the reality is I am only partially organized, one room is clean today and the next day it might not. I don’t think our house is ever all clean and organized at the same time!

New Toys

With my son getting new toys for Christmas and then again for his birthday in January, I start by going through his toys and see which one he has out grown and put them aside to be donated and make room for the new.

I use shoe size clear plastic boxes with lids to put away toys in his closet, that way all the parts are together,contained and can be staked.

I put all of the instruction manuals in three ring sheet protectors so that I can have them all in one binder and have them handy when I need them.

I also try too keep the part of the package where I can see what the particular toy included because that way I can refer to it whenever I have doubts about what parts I need to assemble it again.

Have you seen those little wires that toys are secured with? Well after Santa Claus is done we have a lot of those and instead of throwing them away I keep them and keep them in the kitchen drawer! They are great to close an open bag of chips or to hang wind chimes, the possibilities are endless!

I also check the gift bags and if they are in good shape I fold them and keep them for next year, there is no sense in throwing away something that can be re-used and kept away from the landfills!

I use the cardboard boxes to store Christmas ornaments and I also re-use tissue paper to wrap delicate ornaments to keep them from touching each other and breaking in the box.

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas!
When my almost five year old son came down the stairs and saw what Santa Claus had brought him, the look on his face made everything so worth it!

He was so exited that Santa had brought EVERYTHING on his list and even added a few extras! The wonder, the illusion, the excitement in his face is priceless!


New Sew Christmas ornament Tutorial


Styrofoam ball
Measuring tape
Exacto knife
Scraps of fabric
2 pins

Step. 1
Divide the Styrofoam ball into 4 with the pen or sharpie marker
Step. 2
Measure to find out the hight and the wide of the rectangle you will need for each wedge.
Step. 3
Cut 4 rectangles with those measurments
Step. 4
Using the Exacto knife cut on the line of each wedge

Step. 5
Using the pins secure the fabric at the top and bottom and using something thin but sharp push the fabric inside the cut in the styrofoam, keep going until the wedge is covered and there is no fabric left outside.

Step 6.
Do the next wedges until you are done.

You can get creative and cut the styrofoam in any way you want and choose as many fabrics as you want!

Handmade ornaments made by the cutest little hands

By now you must know that I am just crazy about Christmas and about Christmas ornaments. I make them, I collect them and I love to hang them!
It is just right that I would now take this fascination to preserve my son's little hands to make new ornaments and start new traditions.
We have painted ceramic ornaments at Color me mine, we have made reindeers with his feet and hands, made felt a hand felt bear for Santa Claus and the latest is a hand print tree!
What better way to preserve his little handprints?

Turquoise is December’s birthstone

Turquoise is December’s birthstone. It is an opaque mineral that varies from very green blue to light sky blue shades.
It has been known by different names but around the 16th century the word turquoise derived from the French Turquoise (Turkish) or from pierre turquin ( dark blue stone) not because it comes from Turkey but because it was traded at Turkish bazaars to Venetian merchants who brought it to Europe.
Turquoise is said to enhance wisdom, trust, kindness, understanding and spiritual clarity, properties that probably have made Turquoise a sacred stone for the North American Indians and the Tibetans.
Turquoise is one of the most valuable non-transparent gems used for Jewelry and it has been mined for a very long time, at least since 6000 BC!
Silver and turquoise Necklaces have been traditional adornment for many Native American women, especially the Navajo for many centuries.
Stop by my vintage store to see this delicate Native American Silver and turquoise ring and soon I am going to be adding this astonishing Squash Blossom Native American Necklace!! www.klassic.etsy.com

Some of my first handmade Christmas ornaments

Here are some pictures of ornaments I made when I was 9 years old.
The snoopy was copied from a Christmas sticker I had. My older brother helped me copy the snoopy shape and then I cut and glued it to the felt.

The Santa face was an attempt to copy one of the ornaments we bought, it didn't turned out the way it was supposed to be, but it turned out good enough for us to keep!

This bunny was made many years later, it is a combination of a muslin bunny I bought with cloths, hat and candy cane I made.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday!

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood that revolve around Christmas, like decorating the tree, preparing the food, going to church and spending time with my family.

I come from a very small family, both of my grandparents died before I was 6 years old , since then my Mom (a single mom) made every Christmas very special creating our own traditions.
My Mom doesn’t like Turkey so she designed a special Christmas menu that was nothing like what everyone else had, but my brother and I loved it, it consisted of garlic shrimp, cheese ravioli with a delicious tomato and cream sauce, pork with coke with prunes and tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, salad and chocolate cake. Fortunately for me my husband likes it too and so we have kept the tradition.

For decorating the tree I have always tried to include ornaments that have meaning to our life and dreams. I always start the same way with a little house, then I add angels to guard our house, doves for peace , bells for music, candles (wooden ones) and stars for light, we have ornaments that represent each of us and some that have our names, we add something that represents our friends, our family and work.

As I said in my post how it all started, I was 9 years old when I got the idea of buying some felt Christmas ornaments to copy, we still have those ornaments and getting them out to decorate our tree just brings back years and years of great memories.

Bare Sock Craft's first Vendor booth

This is my very first experience with a vendor booth!

Here is my little helper and wonderful salesman!!

Trick or Treating

Happy Halloween!!!

I made this bag for my son after trying to get him a 'decent' trick or treat bag.
As for Easter, the trick or treat bags you can find are not quite what I would want for my son, they have character's that are not from Halloween or they are too scary for a four year old, or they are just plain ugly.
Being crafty is nice when you have a 'unique' approach to certain holidays! Unhappy with what I could find, I ust made him something we bothe were very happy with.

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Secret Panel chest box

With Halloween coming soon I thought I would share with this wonderful Disneyland souvenir from the famous attraction ‘The Haunted Mansion’ that we have for sale in my Klassic vintage store.

This wonderful Secret panel chest puzzle box was made in Japan and it was released in 1969 and it was sold both by Disneyland and Disneyworld.

It has a secret drawer you can use to hide stuff in and to get it open you have to find the right combination of movements and move the panels around so you can slide the end panel upward to reveal it. It has several sliding panels that due to their design blend with the box.

My husband and his family used to visit Disneyland every year and in one of those visits he and his brother each bought one of these intriguing puzzles. It is hard to imagine that these boxes have been around for 40 years and still work perfectly. Now a days you go to Disneyland and buy a ‘souvenir’ and not only are they not intriguing or stimulating but they are certainly not going to stand the test of time.

I also visited Disneyland as a little girl and I still remember my Mickey Mouse coin purse and my Tinker Bell pencil case very fondly I wonder if my son will have the same fond memories for the not so unique souvenirs he has acquired from his trips to the Magic Kingdom.

The Klassic World of Bare Sock Crafts

I changed the name of the blog to The Klassic world of Bare Sock Crafts because I divide my work time between two stores, the one dedicated to my handmade Crafts and the other one to vintage treasures from our family.
Part of my time is devoted to Klassic store dedicated to vintage items from our family. Klassic started when I realized how much people appreciate vintage items and I since I am a firm believer in recycling and giving items a new life I thought we had so many things not being used ready to get a new life and to bring joy to other families as they have done with ours. Everything we offer in Klassic comes from our family, we don’t buy them at garage sales, estates or auctions.
I still try to devote some time to creating for Bare Sock Crafts and combined they are my stay at home work.

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Wonderful treasury curated by Chicalessia including Klassic!

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I made it to the front page of Etsy twice on July 2nd. 2009 thanks to Majito and Aforfebre, two wonderful artists from my team Esty Spanish!!
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