Preparing for a brand New Year!

I have been into Feng Shui for yerars and this what I will be doing to prepare for the New Year:

1. Clean my pantry and refrigerator, throw away all the stuff that is half used and then we will re-stock with new food.

2. Throw away or take down old Calendars and will hang up new calendars, isn’t that a great way to greet the New Year?

3. It is a great idea to fill your wallet, don’t start the New Year with an empty wallet!!

4. I will put a bowl with 9 oranges in my kitchen table for positive energy and prosperity

5. Empty all trashcans and take garbage out

6. Do the Laundry, it is not nice to start the new year with piles of dirty cloths!

7. Put a dish with nuts in the living room candies to symbolize an abundant home.

1 comment

  1. i love the sound of your approach to the new year!

    yippeee for all those FP good wishes, how fantastic! I'm so pleased for you :))

    I really do wish you all the best for 2010 .. may it be fruitful, happy and healthy and filled with oodles of love.

    Kerrin xx