Etsy Blogger of the Month TiLT creations

TiLT creations makes handmade one of a kind handbags and accessories in various sizes and styles. Tilt Creations store

As I visited her store to write about it, I couldn't help it and bought one of her wonderful creations a Zip pouch in a Rose , sage and brown Paisley pattern. I am sure it will be useful when we go to the park and I don't want to carry my purse but need a place for my cell phone, car keys and sometimes camara.

This blue backpack is named Anna, it has a very casual look but has lots of space to carry all the contents of your purse and even a book!

This wonderful Etsy seller has two shops, the second one full of her destash patterns, fabric and supplies from handbag shop visti them both! Tilt Too

February's birthstone is Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple variety of the mineral quartz.
The name Amethyst comes from the Greek and means ‘Not drunken’, the name might come from the belief that Amethyst would ward off the effects of alcohol, although most likely it refers to the wine like color of the stone.

This popular gemstone is popular for its color and nice crystal shapes that produce a wonderful purple closter, amethyst is also the Zodiac stone for the zodiac sign of Pisces.