Vintage Boxes have History

I find vintage boxes intriguing , pragmatic, interesting, full of history.
They were made to fulfill a function and they do it in such a unique way, they were made with attention to detail, they have textures, emblems, they have locks and keys and give me the impression they were made to keep secrets or really valuable things.

These vintage boxes or containers are so versatile, you can use them in so many different ways, they can be used to decorate yet can still be useful. It just reminds me of the Tao Te Ching 11 it is the center hole what makes them useful!

Thirty Spokes share the wheels hub;
It is the center hole that makes it useful.
Shape clay into a vessel;
It is the space within that makes it useful.
Cut doors and windows for a room;
It is the holes that make it useful.
Therefore, profit comes from what is there;
Usefulness from what is not there.
(Tao Te Ching, 11.)

Profit comes from what is there....usefulness from what is not there!

Fashion Accesories....the hair bows

Hair bows clips have been a popular hair accessory for women and little girls since the 1800s. Imagine that! They have been around for over a 100 years helping women not only by adding beauty to their hair but also fulfilling a purpose. They have the function of keeping hair out of the face and eyes, by holding sections of hair in the desired place.
A little hair bow might very well be the very first fashion accessory a little baby girl might wear!
Little girls often times use small ribbons that come in pairs so that they can have one on each side of the head. You can find them for every day use or a little fancier or dressier for formal occasions.

You can find them with embellishment such as flowers or ornaments, You can find them big and small, you can find them in combinations of colors or one solid color, bright or pastel with polka dots or gingham or plaid.
They are practical, they are fun, they can give you a touch of style even if you don’t have a lot of hair and can’t talk jet!

At Bare Sock Crafts we just started to make a few models of little bows for baby girls that have Velcro in the back so that you can attached them even if there is not to much hair to hold on to.

I can make the bows in the same fabric and or colors as the stuffed animals to match, wouldn't that look adorable?

Treasures in the Attic or the garage

It is hard to believe but in June it will be one year since my Father in Law passed away. After Joe passed away my Mother in law had to move to a smaller house and a lot of their priced possessions had to be put in storage.

As the process of storing it in our garage took place, we started to realize that there were far more pieces of china that we could ever use, that there was jewelry that didn’t fit us and more artifacts and too many boxes to keep, and the idea of selling some of those pieces came to light.

It has been an amazing journey through family history, because I didn’t know my husband’s grandparents and going through the items they had in their house or the jewelry they wore has brought me closer to them. It has given me a picture of who they were and how they lived.

Every time I go into the garage to open a new box of items, I take a trip down other peoples lives, I learn about their taste and way of life.

Selling some of these wonderful antiques requires a lot of study and research, I am not an expert in Antiques so we need to study each item carefully to be able to describe it accurately and to determine a fair price for both parties.

The Process takes sometimes months, from the moment I open that box of treasures to the moment I am able to put a listing in Klassic.
First I take pictures, measure, write down any descriptions, marks, etc.
Using a magnifying glass I look for even the smallest markings and then I start the research, sometimes it takes lots of tries to find something similar, sometimes I find it right away.

Don’t ever disregard a run of the mill object that because you have seen it in your house for years looks run down or boring , with a little bit of cleaning that familiar, seemingly boring object can get a fresh look, with a little creativity and vision it can be repurposed, they can be displayed with other ‘vintage’ items to add character to a room, or if you just don’t have the room for it, let someone else discover it. Sell it to give the item a chance at a new life. Treat them with respect, don’t throw them away, give them instead a chance to shine again to get a new home, to tell a story, to show young people how things were made to last. How our ancestors use to live and what kind of things they cherish.

Vintage items have character, they have value sometimes more than we think!

Timeless, elegant, and classic Wedgwood Jasperware China

In the 18th century a man named Josiah Wedgwood founded a pottery firm in England known for its high quality and craftsmanship. Wedgwood is synonym of Beauty, style and elegance.
One of the most common Wedgwood types is Jasperware, it is known for beauty and elegant style featuring classic inspired scenes in bas relief frequently of Greek mythology in white over unglazed stained fine stoneware.

Jasperware has been made in a variety of colors but the original colors were blue, green, yellow , lilac and black , so depending on the color of the piece you can determine the age of the piece, for example pink was not introduced until 1982.
There are records of several thousand experiments made by Josiah Wedgwood until he achieved exactly what he was looking for.

Looking at this magnificent china you could not have imagined that it took a very determined man to accomplish this stunning and innovative result that has been produced for over 200 years.
Owning a piece of Jasperware is like owning a piece of history, it is for me like telling Mr.Josiah Wedgwood that even today we appreciate the effort he put into giving us these pieces of art to decorate our houses, to pass on from generation to generation.
This amazing tradition and company’s heritage lives on, in 1986 the fifth generation of Wedgwoods built a modern factory where they use new methods of production and has been a source of pride for the United Kingdom earning 11 Queen Awards to industry for export achievement.
My husband was born in England, during his parents stay there, they acquired several pieces that we enjoy and love. It was only after careful consideration that we decided to share a set of bridge ash trays or dishes in my vintage store klassic. for others to enjoy.

Have you heard of Depression glass?

Depression glass is the name given to the glass made during the great depression in the United States from the early 1920s through the middle of the 1940s.
It was a very difficult time where people lost their jobs or were forced to take a pay cut. Peeple had to adjust to living with less and making the most of what they had.

This mass-produced molded glassware was of relatively poor quality, often exhibiting air bubbles, heavy mold marks and other flaws in the glass, yet it came in beautiful colors and patterns to suit every taste. It came in variety of colors. The most popular colors are green, amber, blue, pink and yellow, although you can find them in other colors like ivory and cobalt.

Depression glass was mass produce with molds and was of relatively poor quality, since you cod see flaws in the glass like air bubbles and mold marks, but it came in attractive colors and patterns.
The technique they used to mass produce these items had not been used before and it was replaced by other methods afterwards, making this period and these pieces very popular as collectible items.

Since it was a time of great economic difficulty and people would rather buy food than glassware the manufacturers would offer a free gift with purchase or it sometimes a bowl would come in a box of cereal or detergent, sometimes it was given as a gift at the movie theater or the gass station.

I find it facinating that people kept these pieces, that you still can find many of them in good shape but most of all I find them facinating because they have history.

They were produced for a purpose, they fullfilled it, they cheer people in a time of need , they brought beauty to houses where smiles were limited and today they still bring joy and remind us of how we can make it through the tought and not so good times, these pieces are of that.

At my vintage store Klassic you can find two examples of this wonderful glass, I have 4 celery bowls in a fantastic avocado green in pretzel pattern

Organic Moth repellent

We recently had a little bit of a problem with moths. Yes! Buying organic grains can have it’s downside!!
To get rid of the moths we looked for an eco friendly alternative to moth balls not only because the smell is offensive but also because they can cause all kinds of health problems
I searched and I found that there are a lot of herbs that can be used as moth repellent so being the crafty person that I am, I went and got the necessary herbs and made some sachets.
I made the blend for each sachet individually to ensure that they would have equal proportions of each herb,
There are different recipes for moth repellent herb blends, the one I used is:
equal amounts of lavander, lemon peel, cloves, spearmint and feverfew

But you can also try:
Equal parts of dried lavender, dried lemon peel, 1 broken cinnamon stick
1 part peppermint, 1 part spearmint, 1 part rosemary, 1/2 part thyme

Or if you are not crafty or you don't have a place where you can buy this herbs easily..... you can buy the sachets already made from my etsy store, baresockcrafts

Please take note that these herbs sachets will not kill the moth, the scent will just repell the moths.

To get rid of the moths you need to
Clean the area where you found them thoroughly to ensure you are getting rid of all the eggs and larvae.
Get rid of any food items that might be their food source.
Use air tight containers to store your grains.
To help protect cloths, make sure you wash them before storing them
If possible place items in seal containers

Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother’s day!
Many of you are looking forward to receiving lots of hugs, kisses handmade presents and cards maybe even a relaxing day without cooking or cleaning would be nice.
Whether you are expecting or have a house full of kids, I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful day with your family and that you get what ever makes you happy today.
Moms are very important and deserve to be loved.

The above pictures is from one of the presents my son has made for me, I just love drinking my coffee on a mug with his little hand prints.

Storque article on Mums Behind the ES Etsy Team

Happy mother's day!! One of my EsEtsy team members and jewelry designer extraordinaire, Maria Goti prepared a wonderful article about all the Moms from the EsEtsy team. Thank you!!

Mums Behind the ES Etsy Team

Story by mariagotijoyas Published on April 29, 2010 in This Handmade Life
Photo by
En España el Día de las Madres se celebra cada primer domingo de mayo, compartiendo la festividad con Lituania, Hungría, Portugal y Sudáfrica. Esta celebración data de la Antigua Grecia donde veneraban a Rea, madre de los dioses Zeus, Poseidón y Hares. Pero tal y como lo conocemos en la actualidad, el Día de la Madres fue creado en el 1870 por Julia Ward Howe, originalmente como el Día de Madres por la Paz. Finalmente, se convirtió en un día en el que cada familia honra a sus madres.
In Spain, Mother’s Day is celebrated the first Sunday in May and shares the festivity with many countries, including Lithuania, Hungry, Portugal and Sudafrica. This celebration dates back to the Ancient Greek holiday when Rhea, mother of Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, was venerated. Mother’s Day as we celebrate today was initially created by Julia Ward Howe in 1870 as a day to encourage peace during the American Civil War, then it finally became a day in which each family honors their mother.
Hace unos meses que soy miembro de ES Etsy Team y estoy muy orgullosa de haber encontrado a grandes amigas y compañeras a las que admiro por su fuerza y por su tenacidad, porque son capaces de compaginar, a la perfección, su vida laboral y su trabajo incesante en el Team; siempre llenas de buenas ideas y siempre dispuestas a echar una mano en todo lo que haga falta, con su mejor sonrisa. Y es que además muchas de ellas tienen algo muy hermoso en común, llevan consigo la importantísima tarea de ser madres. Por ello, me gustaría rendirles mi pequeño homenaje desde aquí presentándoos a cada una de ellas, homenaje que hago extensible también a todas esas mujeres que son el motor de sus familias. Porque no hay nada más grande que el amor de una madre.

It's been a few months since I became a member of the ES Etsy Team, and I am proud that I have found great friends and partners, all whom I admire for their strength and dexterity. They have managed to balance their work life and the constant Team activity, offering great ideas and always willing to lend a helping hand with their best smile. And many of them share something beautiful, the most important challenge: the responsibility of being a mother. For that reason, I will like to praise them with this small tribute and introduce you to all of the ES Etsy Team Moms, a tribute that I will also extend to all the women who are the pillar of their families. There is nothing greater than a mother’s love.
Mamá, yo quiero ser de plata.Hijo, tendrás mucho frío.Mamá, yo quiero ser de agua.Hijo, tendrás mucho frío.Mamá, bórdame en tu almohada.¡Eso sí! ¡Ahora mismo!
— Federico García Lorca.

Photos of ES Etsy Team Moms, left to right from top leftt: MissBird, retroattack, Yayahandicraft, zime, Intres, aroluna

More ES Etsy Team Moms, left to right from top left: alejandrina, lunahoo, BareSockcrafts, emeeme, dualchocolate, gabeadz, cynthiadelgiudice, munieca

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Celebrate The Earth

Is one day enough for Earth?

Wouldn’t it be nice instead of one day to give our planet a whole year or even maybe a decade?

Shouldn’t we be focused really focused on reducing our personal carbon footprint everyday intead of just having one day of celebrations?
Unfortunately sometimes all that talk about earth day and reducing our carbon footprint sounds a little too complicated for most people.

But it is not! there are so many simple ways in which we can start making an impact even if we can’t accomplish everything just changing one thing can be a start.
I am not an expert, but I have a five year old son and I am determined to do my part to ensure that he has a good life and that my grandkids get to inhabit this planet and enjoy walks on the beach, enjoy the sound of water falls, get to see Panda Bears and tigers and eagles.
What can we do, as simple, ordinary people?

Let me share the little things I do:

1. Hang cloths out to dry
I was born in Mexico City, in Mexico almost every house has a cage like box that we call ‘jaula’ that we use to hang several rows of cloths lines and when there is good weather we let our cloths air dry. Obviously when I moved to the USA I needed my cloths line, I think cloths just look better, last longer and smell cleaner when you do this.

Separate your garbage, recycle your bottles, cans and news papers!I know it is a chore to have different containers to keep garbage separate and then store all those bottles until you are ready to take a trip to the recycling place, but if you get organized it is not that hard. You can take a little bit everytime you go to the grocery store

To be continued......

The winner of the Giveaway

It has taken me two weeks to come back and announce the winner of the Fireflies and Jelly beans giveaway!!

Thanks to Fawnda for hosting this giveaway in her wonderful blog!

Thanks to everyone that came and vist and left comments, they are most appreciated.

Drums please......the winner is Elizabeth from Yayahandicrafts!!!!