Fashion Accesories....the hair bows

Hair bows clips have been a popular hair accessory for women and little girls since the 1800s. Imagine that! They have been around for over a 100 years helping women not only by adding beauty to their hair but also fulfilling a purpose. They have the function of keeping hair out of the face and eyes, by holding sections of hair in the desired place.
A little hair bow might very well be the very first fashion accessory a little baby girl might wear!
Little girls often times use small ribbons that come in pairs so that they can have one on each side of the head. You can find them for every day use or a little fancier or dressier for formal occasions.

You can find them with embellishment such as flowers or ornaments, You can find them big and small, you can find them in combinations of colors or one solid color, bright or pastel with polka dots or gingham or plaid.
They are practical, they are fun, they can give you a touch of style even if you don’t have a lot of hair and can’t talk jet!

At Bare Sock Crafts we just started to make a few models of little bows for baby girls that have Velcro in the back so that you can attached them even if there is not to much hair to hold on to.

I can make the bows in the same fabric and or colors as the stuffed animals to match, wouldn't that look adorable?


  1. Your bows are really Pretty!! The pictures are great too!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting and for your comment!! :)

  3. These are very nice :) me and our young enterprise group looked ate the blog for inspiration :) thank you