Organic Moth repellent

We recently had a little bit of a problem with moths. Yes! Buying organic grains can have it’s downside!!
To get rid of the moths we looked for an eco friendly alternative to moth balls not only because the smell is offensive but also because they can cause all kinds of health problems
I searched and I found that there are a lot of herbs that can be used as moth repellent so being the crafty person that I am, I went and got the necessary herbs and made some sachets.
I made the blend for each sachet individually to ensure that they would have equal proportions of each herb,
There are different recipes for moth repellent herb blends, the one I used is:
equal amounts of lavander, lemon peel, cloves, spearmint and feverfew

But you can also try:
Equal parts of dried lavender, dried lemon peel, 1 broken cinnamon stick
1 part peppermint, 1 part spearmint, 1 part rosemary, 1/2 part thyme

Or if you are not crafty or you don't have a place where you can buy this herbs easily..... you can buy the sachets already made from my etsy store, baresockcrafts

Please take note that these herbs sachets will not kill the moth, the scent will just repell the moths.

To get rid of the moths you need to
Clean the area where you found them thoroughly to ensure you are getting rid of all the eggs and larvae.
Get rid of any food items that might be their food source.
Use air tight containers to store your grains.
To help protect cloths, make sure you wash them before storing them
If possible place items in seal containers

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