Timeless, elegant, and classic Wedgwood Jasperware China

In the 18th century a man named Josiah Wedgwood founded a pottery firm in England known for its high quality and craftsmanship. Wedgwood is synonym of Beauty, style and elegance.
One of the most common Wedgwood types is Jasperware, it is known for beauty and elegant style featuring classic inspired scenes in bas relief frequently of Greek mythology in white over unglazed stained fine stoneware.

Jasperware has been made in a variety of colors but the original colors were blue, green, yellow , lilac and black , so depending on the color of the piece you can determine the age of the piece, for example pink was not introduced until 1982.
There are records of several thousand experiments made by Josiah Wedgwood until he achieved exactly what he was looking for.

Looking at this magnificent china you could not have imagined that it took a very determined man to accomplish this stunning and innovative result that has been produced for over 200 years.
Owning a piece of Jasperware is like owning a piece of history, it is for me like telling Mr.Josiah Wedgwood that even today we appreciate the effort he put into giving us these pieces of art to decorate our houses, to pass on from generation to generation.
This amazing tradition and company’s heritage lives on, in 1986 the fifth generation of Wedgwoods built a modern factory where they use new methods of production and has been a source of pride for the United Kingdom earning 11 Queen Awards to industry for export achievement.
My husband was born in England, during his parents stay there, they acquired several pieces that we enjoy and love. It was only after careful consideration that we decided to share a set of bridge ash trays or dishes in my vintage store klassic. for others to enjoy.

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