Celebrate The Earth

Is one day enough for Earth?

Wouldn’t it be nice instead of one day to give our planet a whole year or even maybe a decade?

Shouldn’t we be focused really focused on reducing our personal carbon footprint everyday intead of just having one day of celebrations?
Unfortunately sometimes all that talk about earth day and reducing our carbon footprint sounds a little too complicated for most people.

But it is not! there are so many simple ways in which we can start making an impact even if we can’t accomplish everything just changing one thing can be a start.
I am not an expert, but I have a five year old son and I am determined to do my part to ensure that he has a good life and that my grandkids get to inhabit this planet and enjoy walks on the beach, enjoy the sound of water falls, get to see Panda Bears and tigers and eagles.
What can we do, as simple, ordinary people?

Let me share the little things I do:

1. Hang cloths out to dry
I was born in Mexico City, in Mexico almost every house has a cage like box that we call ‘jaula’ that we use to hang several rows of cloths lines and when there is good weather we let our cloths air dry. Obviously when I moved to the USA I needed my cloths line, I think cloths just look better, last longer and smell cleaner when you do this.

Separate your garbage, recycle your bottles, cans and news papers!I know it is a chore to have different containers to keep garbage separate and then store all those bottles until you are ready to take a trip to the recycling place, but if you get organized it is not that hard. You can take a little bit everytime you go to the grocery store

To be continued......

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