The Klassic World of Bare Sock Crafts

I changed the name of the blog to The Klassic world of Bare Sock Crafts because I divide my work time between two stores, the one dedicated to my handmade Crafts and the other one to vintage treasures from our family.
Part of my time is devoted to Klassic store dedicated to vintage items from our family. Klassic started when I realized how much people appreciate vintage items and I since I am a firm believer in recycling and giving items a new life I thought we had so many things not being used ready to get a new life and to bring joy to other families as they have done with ours. Everything we offer in Klassic comes from our family, we don’t buy them at garage sales, estates or auctions.
I still try to devote some time to creating for Bare Sock Crafts and combined they are my stay at home work.

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