Super Heroes

Batman or as it was originally referred to The Bat Man has been around for 70 years! It first appeared in the DC Comics ( Detective Comics) in May of 1939.
We all know the story, little Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents as a child and he swore to stop crime in Gotham City. In order to fight crime Wayne hides his identity under a costume and every gadget he uses has a bat related name, The bat mobile, the bat cave, etc.
Batman is a detective, He is a philanthropist, he is a millionaire that uses his resources to come up with gadgets to overcome his lack of super powers.
Batman has changed his image with each generation, but he is still as strong as he was 70 years ago.

Superman on the other hand is not as the rest of us, he comes from a planet where people are sophisticated, energetic, highly intellingent, custodians of an advanced super scientific civilization.
Krypton is located in a distant galaxy and it is in this mighty planet that a little boy was born to scientist JOr-El and his wife Lara, his name? Kal-El.

There is something about superheros that little kids just love, maybe is the fact that they fight villains and they always win?

Now a days super heroes and villands are everywhere, they drop in little kids parties, forget about clowns, the thing today is to invite spiderman or Darth Vader to your party!

You can find them in balloons, candle holders, pinatas, plates, outfits and so much more.
I wonder how many of those items will stand the test of time, how many of those will still be around in 30 or 40 years.

How will they look in 30 years? They have changed so much from when I was little!

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