Wonderful history behind vintage items

I opened my vintage store Klassic on Etsy last year when I realized how much interest there was for vintage items, I realized that it was just not fair to keep all those ‘treasures’ stored in a box in our garage when there was someone out there that might give it a new life.
We all have ‘stuff’ we don’t use anymore, but that we don’t really want to throw away because it might be dated but still in good shape so it just sits there, accumulating dust , preventing energy to move freely.

Having Klassic has been a great experience, it has allowed us to ‘clean’ a little but the most important aspect of it has been the satisfaction of knowing that this ‘treasures’ have moved on to a better life, they will be cherished , they will be displayed, used and will have a totally new life!
Like this Mickey Mouse scratcher that my husband bought in one of his annual Disneyland trips when he was a little boy, He really liked it until one day he had no place for it and went into storage to make room for new memories. A few months ago while we were going through some of his childhood memory boxes, we found it and we thought it was time for Mickey to get a new home.
Mickey did get a new home, and what a home!! Barbara the wonderful lady that bought the scratcher told me that she was buying it for her husband’s daughter (who is now 50) , her step daughter had told her that when she was little they went to Disneyland and she wanted to get one of this Mickey Scratchers, but she didn’t get it and guess what? She never forgot about it!

So Barbara thought it would be a wonderful gift for her and even thought about putting it in a shadow box for it. Barbara said she couldn’t wait to see her step daughter’s face when she gets it , her husband thinks she will cry!
Barbara shared with me that Tina’s son is getting married in March and she will go to the wedding and that is when she will give her the present.

Thinking that one little girl’s dream of finally getting that childhood Disneyland souvenir makes us realize how selfish it is to keep those treasures from bringing happiness to others. Vintage has history and there is always someone that appreciates it! This is for you Barbara! I hope Tina loves the present and I think she will love you even more for being so thoughtful and giving her this part of her childhood back!!Thank you for sharing the story and giving me permission to share it with others

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