Women's day is March 8th

March 8th is the International Women's day, a day to celebrate women from the past, present and future! Celebrate women for their economic, political and social achievements

In today's world, women earn the majority of college degrees, more women earn law degrees, more graduate as pharmacists and almost half of those completing medical school are women .

Women make up 59%of the American workplace. Woeman bring in half or more of the income in the majority of all Uunited States hoseholds.

Women manage the checkbook and pay the bills in 85% of today's families.

Women remain primarily responsible for the day to day activities associated with managing a hosehold with kids, even when they hold a full time job!

Women account for half of all managers and professionals. Since 1990, 70% of all new business are started by women.

If only all of these statements were true for ALL WOMEN , all over the world! Unfortunately there are still Countries where women are not treated as equal.

Congratulations to all women not only for today, but for everyday of the year! :)

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