Eco Friendly, upcycled, recyled and repurposed!

With the focus on living green I have been looking at everything in our house with a different light.
I found a box with some cloths I had not worn in a while and I decided to try out that 'felting' technique that I have been hearing a lot about and try to reuse or repurposed it

After I washed the sweater in hot water I dried it on hight heat too, it became quite small and thick!

This is the very first item I have ever made with this techinique!
After I wash it and see how it comes out, I might make some more to include in my etsy store

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  1. I love that you 'Go Green'! It makes it more personable for each item, I think! I'm new to Etsy and it's fun to learn from others, Thanks!