Little Trains & Little Hands

It you have a toddler you know how they won't leave the house with that one little car or train they want to keep in their hands, right? You also know that as a Mom you have to 'know' where the little toy is, if you want to avoid a melt down.

Here is the solution! And it is not just for toddlers, my son is 5 and he loves to his car and train holders and organizers. We keep them in the car so he can play with it on the go.

Taking favorite toys like little trains like this can be great to keep your little boy entertained at a Restaurant, long trips in the car, doctor’s office, etc.

You unroll the holder and you have the trains securely inside their own pocket and a track to play with.

The pockets are tall enough so that the engines can go in with cars too.

The roll comes with it's own track with some bushes so your little one not only has his trains but also a playmat to play iwth.

The outside fabric has Thomas the train the inside has a combination of blue solid fabric and colored strips.

This holder measures 17" x 8 1/4" (44 x 22 cms

Here is the link to my store if you would like to buy it.

I also make the matching crayon holder in the same fabrics!

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