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Last weekend my husband and I opened a few more boxes of items from his grandparents house.
We found really interesting items, we found a set of wonderful Trunkey the elephant from the San Francisco Zoo from my husband's childhood. That one object brought so many fond memories of wonderful days spent at the zoo with his family.

When we open boxes it usually takes a lot of time to go through them to decide what we will do with each item, first because he tells me the story if he knows where it came from and because these items have a past, they were part of his family life and it is hard to part from some of them.

The first picture shows just a few of the items that we selected.
Among them a very interesting relish tray made in Italy that I just listed in my vintage store

This is a handmade, handpainted relish tray made in Italy by Pizzato

History of Pizzato
Pizzato is an Italian company founded in 1956 by Marco Pizzato. All items produce by the company are entirely hand-decorated.
Pizzato specializes in dinner sets, trays, horsd'oevredishes, salad bowls, fruit stands, pitchers,etc in mate-rials tested in earthenware, stoneware and terracotta.
The terracota used is non-toxic, they use top quality raw materials to produce reliable products for edible use.

The company still exists and is run by Mr.Pizzato's children.

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