Disneyland Vintage Souvenirs Monday Post

On Mondays I am going to post about the wonderful world of Disneyland vintage Souvenirs!

Last week we took another trip down memory lane by looking at my husband’s childhood memory boxes. It is amazing how many things he kept from his annual family trip to Disneyland back in the 70’s.

To begin this series the souvenir that caught my attention this time is a very unique postcard / guide copyrighted in 1972.

It is a card stock map that serves two purposes:
1. Dial guide
2. Post card

On one side you can see a map with holes punched in the different points of interest, at the bottom a paper wheel with numbers. When you turn the paper wheel a pink dot appears inside the hole in the map and in the back another window gives you a description of the different attractions.

The right side of the back serves as a post card , which in my opinion is very smart.

I just love how clever and unique these souvenirs were!

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  1. A lot a great memories, tell us a old history for us