Do you like Lions?

I just listed a really fun puppet/goody/candy bag on my Etsy store.
His name is Leonardo and he is really cute.
The idea behind these puppet bags is to Re-Use!! sure kids need to give goody bags to their friends when they have a party, but do we really need to buy all those cheap useless toys?
My son has received basically the same goody-bag from the party store just with a sticker of a different theme full of little things that honestly once we get home we and I mean both him and me do not know what to do with it.

After Earth day and after all the things that are happening to our planet we need to be more consicious! We need to stop throwing away so much plastic that ends up in the ocean and we need to teach our kids how to be GREEN!

I hope you like my goody bags I have bunnies, pandas and lions!

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