How it all started

I just opened an Etsy store, to sell stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments, and baby shower favors. Unlike the other times when I have sold my crafts, I am learning now that ‘word of mouth, now a days is pass through blogs, thus here I am trying to write about what inspires me to create, about me and how I started.

It all started when I was 9 years old at Christmas time, I asked my mom to buy me a few Christmas ornaments and some felt, sequence, embroidery floss and stuffing. Being the wonderful Mom she is , she took me to the department store and told me to choose what I wanted. I picked a big flat Santa Claus, a bell, a tree, a house and a stuffed santa claus and felt in the same colors. I tried to use the ornaments as templates to duplicate and the result was , how should I say? Horrendous !! But my wonderful mom thought they were amazing and we hung them in the Christmas tree.
Every year after that I made some new ones, following different ideas, one time I copied a sticker of snoopy ice skating. ( I will post a picture tomorrow) Every year my ornaments got better.
As the years went by I got interested in knitting, crochet and sewing!
When I was around 18 years old, I saw a lady making ornaments at my sporting club and I asked if she would teach me how to do them, she did. They were Styrofoam balls covered with fabric.
Immediately I bought the materials and started making them, the first ones, were cute but imperfect, but I perfected that lady’s technique and soon I was using stripped fabric and making patterns with it and the result was really good.

Time passed and one day a friend of my Mom came to visit and saw our Christmas tree and my ‘creations’ , she liked them so much that she asked me to make some for her and said she would pay me!!!!!!!!! Wow she would pay me to make something I enjoyed doing and that I would do for free!!
It was Christmas time and I was about to travel and the money she paid me ‘tasted’ so goooood.
During that trip I decided I would start a business doing what I loved and at the age of 24 I started a business......

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